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DEADBOLT, Virginia Beer Co. (Williamsburg, VA)

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It is a great thing when a plan comes together.  I have probably used that line before, but as I approach 100 beer reviews for Virginia Brew Review, things tend to come around again.  I dig Virginia Craft Beer and I also love my jam bands.  It so happened that this past weekend both came together for a beer release party at Virginia Beer Company.  Many months of planning and setting aside that day took a little bit of effort (as most of our finds and reviews are spur of the moment).  But in the end, it was well worth…

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Maps are Here!!

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One of the TOP SECRET things we have been working on going into our 4th year was to have a place where all of our content is accessible in a very user friendly way.  We have also for the longest time wanted to do a map and a directory of Virginia Craft Beer establishments for people to look up places to go (and what to drink when they get there!)  Well, we figured out a way to do both at once! We're proud to introduce our Beta version of Maps.  If you look at our front page now, we have an…

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2017 Virginia Brew Review Hops of Fame

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Hoppy Anniversary to, well, us!  Three years and hundreds of beer tastings, reviews, happy hours, and festivals later, we have always striven towards our goal:  to find the best craft beer Virginia has to offer and let others know about it. And y'all have helped.  We are still getting tens of thousands of visitors to our site every year and more and more regular visits throughout our social media platforms.  This is something that we are very humble about and we thank every single person who reads (and shares) our work.  You know how it works:  first you tell a…

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2016-2017 Beer In Review: Beers of the Year

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I had mentioned in casual conversation the other day to my wife that we've been putting articles together for our 3rd Anniversary of Virginia Brew Review, and she looked at me like "Y'all been doing this for how long?" Yep, it has been that long.  Three years ago this week, three dudes set out to talk about the craft beer scene in the Commonwealth.  And while we continue to all balance real lives from fun lives, we are still able to push forward and begin to celebrate as we always do:  by giving out some hardware (or is it software?)…

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Cali Swag

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One of the perks of writing for this web site is that it allows me to get out and explore as much of The Commonwealth and their amazing breweries as possible. While the consensus is that the overall number of breweries is starting to flatten out after many years of exponential growth, the quality and different style of beer are still on the rise. This can be seen through the beer lists and awards in various style categories in the last 3 years. And while Virginia is one of 2 or 3 states on the East Coast making a name for…

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Orange Dream, Kindred Spirit Brewing (Goochland, VA)

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It is my understanding, as a fully amateur meteorologist, that if I review (and imbibe) enough warmer weather beers, that the ambient temperature will most definitely rise in the Commonwealth. Something must be off, because it is not working today... but give it time. We had a great mini trip up to Richmond this past weekend, and while we enjoyed our official brewery stops, it was the unofficial dinner stop that had one of the best beers I've had in a while. It has been well documented that I am in the Pro-Cream Ale camp for a while, and variants…

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King Street Kolsch, Bull Island Brewing Co. (Hampton, VA)

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We are going to slightly deviate from standard operating procedure. One of the things we have learned over the past (almost) 3 years now is not to dive right into a brewery once they first open up. There are a lot of things happening at once and while, the whirlwind is exciting and promising, it is unfair to jump on a first impression, whatever that may be. That especially holds true when it relates to beer. The end game is always having great beer to share with as many people as possible, and that does not happen quickly. There will…

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Britchin Brown Ale, Stable Craft Brewing (Waynesboro, VA)

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I have brought up the topic of the evolution of personal beer preferences before.  I'm not talking about seasonal choices, like sitting with feet in the sand having a Berliner Weisse or cozied up to a fire with a full-bodied stout.  It's more about what you order when you are looking to buck trends and go to something you really enjoy drinking all the time.  Almost three years ago when we tried actually opining what we were drinking, I was more a malt forward, less hoppy craft beer person.  That has radically shifted back and forth, with several 'go-tos' at…

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VIPA, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery (Richmond, VA)

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While our fancy pants Virginia Brew Review year doesn't flip over until April, we understand that a few of our readers still like to ring in the traditional calendar reset, and did so over the weekend. To you, Happy New Year! Our time was filled with friends, family, and yelling at TV sets while people played sporting contests. But we did happen to work in a few beers, including one that has finally pushed into my area on tap. I find no better way for VBR to start "2017" than with a very aptly named brew. VIPA (Virgindia Pale Ale),…

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Hippolyta & Penthesilia, Commonwealth Brewing Company (Virginia Beach, VA)

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Christmas came early for me. I have found that one of the most difficult things about honestly reviewing beers is to throw away personal opinions on beer style. Inside info: there are some styles I absolutely love and, conversely, some that I'm just not a fan of. That is the great thing about craft beer. You can have opinions on what you love and what you don't, and build your palate around what you like. Us here at VBR try everything and keep an open mind. But I will say that I was fairly giddy when I found not one…

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