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Grizzly Wizard House Mixed Culture Tart Grisette, Fine Creek Brewing Co. (Powhatan, Va.)

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Somehow, US Customs let us all back into the States, and while one of us is still fighting off the Bubonic Plague we picked up in Salzburg, we are ready to get back to what we love to do: eating processed food and drinking craft beer. Luckily, we had one mostly done before we left, and that's what y'all are getting today. We now join this beer review already in progress. ...and while searching for great Virginia beer is an ebb-and-flow process, sometimes on occasion, you just get it handed to you. The later was the case with this one.…

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Road to Idaho, Hardywood Park Brewery (Richmond, VA)

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Sorry, there's no Bing Crosby or Bob Hope here.  They were headed to Morocco, not Idaho.  But since all of VBR will be on the road starting today, I thought it only somewhat proper for our last review prior to #Brauheist2017 to focus on experimentation.  I know what you mean, I was hoping to be done by 2018...ja, that's true, we had big plans for 2018.  And no, no, no, you demented freaks...#Brauheist2017 is nothing that involves the dreaded FLÜGGÅӘNKб€ČHIŒßØLĮÊN (NSFW!!)  There may be a Golden Mile mixed in, for good measure.  Really, we mean flavor and original beer styles.  The…

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Illusion of Safety, Adroit Theory Brewing Co. (Purcellville, VA)

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It's been the summer of Gose.  I really could not have predicted myself saying that three months ago, much less a year or more.  But something unexpected truly happened when a series of them started popping up in my festival recaps from June on into August.  It was my favorite type of beer this past summer.  Maybe it's the brine or the full on acidic tartness.  But whereas Hefes and Wits were my post-high noon lawnmowing session go-tos before, I've made some space in my fridge recently for something a bit lighter but just as refreshing.  One of those beers…

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Songlines, Right Proper Brewing Co. (Washington, DC)

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If a brewery is going to be successful, it will have a little bit of something for everyone.  As such, some strategies carry more inherent risk than others - going all IPAs, Belgians, sours, and so on.  The point is that if your preferred style matches that of the Head Brewer, you're probably going to keep coming back.  If the brewer bets everything on one particular trend, and it doesn't draw volume, then they will be in trouble, quick.  For such reasons I thought that breweries betting on sours was a big mistake.  That Saison trend worked out, right?  And…

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Big Papi, Commonwealth Brewing Co. (Virginia Beach, VA)

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A reason it's hard to hate on the craft beer scene is that while you get plenty of "beer douches," as I recently heard it put, the overwhelming majority simply love the stuff so much that they're willing to share it even when it's hard to come by.  Including with complete strangers.  This happened to me the other week while visiting spacebar, one of the OG spots for craft beer in NoVA.  On this visit, us VBRers are chatting and one of us knows the bartender, who asks us how we're faring with some new IPAs.  A shade-throwing remark on…

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Bad Donkey, Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery (Goochland, VA)

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Now that I am fully recovered from the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference, and have successfully settled into my new home in the Hampton Roads area, I am ready to get back into the swing of things. And while the move has been difficult and never ending, the quest to find great Commonwealth brews got a little easier. I have found a bottle shop close to my house that has a great selection from all over the country, but has no qualms about putting on beers from Virginia. With that being said, a lot of my reviews will be coming…

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We Went There: Barrel Oak Farm Taphouse (Delaplane, VA)

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A little over a year ago I was out at Barrel Oak Winery picking up the wine barrel that we had "bought" through our membership in their Barrel Cru club.  Some sidebar conversation led to the revelation that just as the experience-based locale had expanded its vineyards with patios, pizza, and even sangria over the prior few years, a long-gestating project by owner Brian Roeder to open their own on-premise brewery and taproom was nearing fruition.  While it would take until almost Thanksgiving of 2016 to have the grand opening, Brian's explanation that Barrel Oak Farm Taphouse, or BOFT, was…

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2017 DC Beer Week: Aslin Tap Takeover at Mad Fox Taproom (Washington, DC)

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Let's be honest, after the beer-infused bacchanalia that was the 2017 VA Craft Brewers Fest, our attention wasn't necessarily on DC Beer Week (DCBW).  The good folks at DC Beer really do a good job of both scheduling and integrating a ton of different regional and national brewers into a slew of events around the area, though, and in the past we've attended everything from Brewers Bashes to Scavenger Hunts to random takeovers that somehow coincided with the general festivities.  Even though it's "DC" Beer Week, what's clear is that they really mean "DMV" Beer Week - DMV to us…

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2017 Virginia Craft Brewers Fest Awards (Broken Lizard Edition)

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The most recent version of the Virginia Craft Brewers Fest (VCBF) moved from its previous confines at Devils Backbone Basecamp to Ix Art Park in downtown Charlottesville, also the site for gracious host Three Notch'd Brewing's new taproom/crazy basement out of a grindhouse flick.  It was a tightly knit affair, with vendors and special booths spread throughout a winding series of lots.  You could listen to guest speakers talk about the brewing culture and industry, jam out to country and bluegrass, or try (and fail miserably) to make your way to each of the 100 or so brewers in park. …

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COLOSSAL SIX, Port City Brewing Co. (Alexandria, VA)

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Hello, darkness, my old friend I've come to drink with you again Because your anniversary reigning Left its fruits while I was training And the yearning that you planted in my brain Still remains Within your COLOSSAL SIX In restless dreams I drank alone Snifters filled by Russian clones 'Neath the halo of my cold stash I flipped the bottle cap off into the trash When my nose was crushed by The flash of buttered toffee Charred and oaky So spoke your COLOSSAL SIX And in fluorescent light I saw Ten hundred people, maybe more People drinking without speaking People…

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