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Master of Oranges, Aslin Beer Co. (Herndon, VA)

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Double IPA, chug it all away I'm your source of self-destruction! Livers'll pump with fear, filter darkest fear Bringing on your toxic function! Sediment you'll see Floral's all you need Dedicated to How I'm thrilling you... Start sipping faster Obey your Master Your blood runs faster Master...Master! Master of Oranges, I'm pushing those hops Juicing your tongue, it's pulpy and dank Conditioned by me, the flavor can't stop Just call out my name, I want you to thank Master...Master! Just call out my name, I want you to thank Master...Master! Evenly coats the tongue, never you'll be numb Tropical becoming…

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Box of Chocolates, Starr Hill Brewery (Crozet, VA)

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....You never know what you are going to get.... Ugh. The low hanging fruit was just too tempting. I know Starr Hill set us up for that one, but I don't really care. What I do care about is great brews. And now that winter is finally here, it was time to break open their most recent foray into varietals. It seems that most breweries put together 2 types of mixed packs. The first is the one that is most common to everyone: 4-6 different types of beers packaged as a series that shows off the range per season. It…

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Anastasia’s Chocolate Fantasy, South St. Brewery (Charlottesville, VA)

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On a day when our first snow of 2017 hit, I was reminded of how well Stouts go with cold weather, but not for the reasons you think.  You see, I recently celebrated the birth of my third little girl, and her two older sisters have been on a cartoon binge the past 10 days that would make Cartman proud.  My wife and I were trying to think of movies we haven't bought them, while at the same time in the back of my mind I was wondering what beer would go best with sub-freezing temperatures a Russian would be most…

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Zero Fox Given (Cask), Mad Fox Brewing Co. (Falls Church, VA)

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I've done CO2 and Nitro, but this is my first ever review of a Cask presentation of a beer.  I liked the carbonated version plenty well, and just happened to be at Mad Fox the day after their newest NE IPA made its debut on cask as well.  It's a new beer overall, and if my notes/underwhelming prose don't do it enough justice, then my sincere apologies.  I ignored my family to type everything below into my phone one agonizing tap at a time lest I forget the essence of my first impressions.  My kids wanted fries, ketchup, blowing on…

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First Look: Sinistral Brewing Co. (Manassas, VA)

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Before we get into the beer aspect of the newest brewery in NoVA, I want to take a few minutes to get you acquainted with just how close Sinistral came to never opening in the first place.  There's a tenacity, passion, and courage to Blane and Stacey Perry (and their team) which not only brought them into the orbit of other nearby breweries in their time of need, but caused staffs from Heritage and The Farm to show up in the hours before their grand opening to pitch in, calm their nerves, and help kick things off with a bang. …

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Sweater Weather, O’Connor Brewing Co. (Norfolk, VA)

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I have been playing with two intros to this story, so choose your own adventure (no page flip necessary): As it is Thanksgiving week.... (1) I was sent out to purchase the supplies for our first hosted Thursday dinner ever. While we have cooked for ourselves many years ago, this would be the first time other people would come to our establishment and eat. Last year's request to carve the turkey was just a warm up to the massive Turducken breast I was preparing this year. On my run to our local grocery thingy, as I normally do, a walk…

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BBP (formerly Rapadou Porter), AleWerks Brewing Co. (Williamsburg, VA)

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Spending a year from home meant that I had to ration the beers I brought out here with me - including aging those beers capable of doing so appropriately.  That meant my lightest beers were drank first, then malty stuff, IPAs, Stouts, and finally into the imperial ones.  I've had pretty good luck as only one beer out of more than 15 skunked.  As my year in academia progressed - classes, research, thesis writing, and recently a successful defense - that also meant my stockpile dwindled.  I therefore tried to time certain beers to different events such as Thanksgiving, March…

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Scurvy Dog, The Bold Mariner Brewing Company (Norfolk, VA)

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  It's too late. There is just no way. I should not be sitting here the day before Halloween and putting out this review. But it's good. Like really good. And if people can't hunt for it now, it will be next Spring/Summer before it pops back up. Well, if the past year has any precedent of reviewing beers 'out of season' (*ahem* Summer Stouts *cough*), then 1....ONE...saison review close to November is acceptable. I'll give y'all the line again about 'in the winter full of malty browns and stout, this is a great change of pace beer', but I'd…

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Barrel-Aged Vanilla Bean Hobo Stout (2016), Caboose Brewing Co. (Vienna, VA)

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If Labor Day is the unofficial start of Autumn, then that means it's time for campfires and the occasional big beer.  I kept one in reserve for months just for the occasion, to share with a neighbor who has a thing for big stouts.  This was an original batch beer that represented my first attempt at cellaring.  A good choice, even if I didn't capture notes from the release to be able to do a solid comparison.  As for waiting nearly two months to get the post up?  Well, it seemed a bit premature to start talking campfires and Stouts…

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Friday Night Flights: Crooked Run Brewing (Leesburg, VA)

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One interesting thing about nanobreweries is that no two visits are ever the same.  If you like to explore this can be a great thing, but if you want consistency you may feel turned off.  Thankfully, many nanos decide to keep a flagship beer or two around so that if a reliable pint is what you're after you should be in luck most of the time.  If you've not been to Crooked Run in downtown Leesburg before, you'll easily be drawn into the quaint, cozy space.  The outdoor patio feels like it could be off the back of your own…

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